Neue Softlight im Vermietpark

Wir haben unseren Mietpark um 6 Stk. Prolights Ecl Panel TWCJr erweitert

Main Feartures
370W RGB + Warm White LED source (driven @ 220W)
CRI > 94; R9 > 88,8; TLCI > 92
4 section pixel control and built-in lighting effects for cinema applications
Silent operation with multiple fan modes
Battery connection (4pXLR 24-36V): compatible with industry standard external batteries (optional)
Source: 370W RGB + Warm White LEDs (driven @ 220W)
Luminous flux: 17’109lm @4.000 K with LD filter
Lux: @4000K, 265lx @5 m
CRI: 90 @3.200 K; 94 @5.600 K
R9: 84,1 @3.200 K; 88,8 @5.600 K
TLCI: 92 @5.600 K
TM30 Rf: 90 @3.200 K; 89,4 @5.600 K
TM30 Rg: 105 @3.200 K; 104 @5.600 K
Source life expectancy: > 50.000 h
Beam angle: 102°
Field angle: 158°
Lens type: medium density diffusion panel (interchangeable)
Additional optics: see available accessories
Colour mixing: RGB + Warm White
CCT: CCT control, + / – green correction, tungsten emulation
White presets: 2.800 K – 10.000K with 28 K resolution
Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with macros
Control Resolution: 16-bit dimmer, colours
Pixel patterns: pre-programmed pixel macros and cinema lighting effects patterns
Special features: linear crossfade channel from any white to any colour; virtual CTO on colours
Protocols: DMX512, RDM, W-DMX, rotatory knob
Stand Alone: selectable mode through 3 rotatory knobs
Pixel control: 4 section control
Wireless Control: included, wireless solution receiver
RDM: RDM for remote monitoring and settings
Display: Graphic User Interface
Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB – DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
Dimmer: linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer
Dimmer curves: selectable dimming modes available
Strobe / shutter: 1 – 30 Hz, electronic
Display battery: self-charging battery backup
Operating temperature: -10° ~ +45°
LED Control: flicker free frequency with adjustable PWM
Selectable PWM: 600 ~ 40.000 Hz